Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Search terms

Thanks to Sooz I now know what search terms are leading people to my blog and so in true blogging form I am here today to share some of these with you.

Starting with some of the more normal ones:

Vikki Clayton Ribbon – well since I ordered some and I believe I blogged about how fabulous they are this is not wholly unexpected.

sparklies – name of my jewellery company, so again not really a surprise.

lurve – well it was in the title of a post, but why would you be searching for it I wonder?

me to you – the name of the range of Tatty Teddy designs, in my stitching WIPs list.

sore big toe – another post title here but I suspect someone was looking for remedies rather than my cautionary tales of self-treatment.

The Tatty Teddy and cross stitching – well duh =)

Politically Correct Phrases – this one has cropped up many times since I wrote an entry with this title. No one commented though.

Celtic Autumn – more stitching, a design I’m planning to start just as soon as my fabric arrives *drool*

Waterfall cross stitcher – well the stitching bit’s obvious, not sure about the waterfall though.

“path of honor” –harriet –klausner +diana +francis – well I have read the book by Ms Francis so it’s been in my reading list and a little research tells me that Ms Klausner has a review site and reviews a lot of books, so I suspect someone was trying to find other reviews. I hope they found my review site since I have done one for this book.

In fact I’m going to ramble here and say that Ms Francis is a lovely lady. I visited her website and read her entreaty to all her readers to encourage others to buy and read books so that authors get their royalties and can keep writing. So I signed her guestbook and mentioned my review site and said that I was trying to do my bit, and I got a lovely email from her thanking me for the pointer and the review (it was a good one). A few days ago I was looking at the source of hits for that site and noticed a lot of people were coming in from her site. So I went for a nosy and it turns out that she has amended her entreaty and included a link to my site as a good example of what other people can do! *whee*

Ok back to the search terms, They’re getting a little more bizarre now:

“photoblog” “my arse” – Ooookay, well I have a photoblog, not sure I’ve ever mentioned my arse before but still.

big brother kitty – well the kitty bit’s clear and I’m sure I’ve probably used the other two words in posts but in combination *scratches head*

scary cat faces – I actually have one of these, must post it sometime, oh wait, my description of me, the scary cat lady, now I see why this one got me.

stoo – another post, but why on earth would someone search for it?

lisle and tissue – another strange combo, lisle comes from Holly Lisle in the books I have read section.

kitten blogs for neopets – You’ve got to wonder really.

diamond ddb profile – I don’t get this one at all.

But my favourite so far:

Squirrelly wraith – I do recall describing one of my colleagues as squirrelly and I think I used wraith for W in my Monstrous Manual Alphabet. Beware the squirrelly wraiths! They suck out your life energy and then go and sit in a corner and mutter to themselves.

I’m actually tempted to try and use bizarre phrases in some of my posts in future, just to excite the searchers. I was catching up on blogs yesterday and someone (I can’t be sure but I think it may have been cheekymoo) was blogging about expensive hair products and needing to find a discount store so she could buy big jugs of the stuff, and at that point stuck in an aside for the googlers who may have arrived there searching for big jugs (nope guys, nothing here either!). Anyway it struck me that I could really have some fun with people who might be searching for less than wholesome material by using less than wholesome phrases totally out of context.

Of course I realise that I’d probably be opening myself up to comment-like abuse, but then that’s why I upgraded to Haloscan.