Sunday, December 12, 2004

Learn the alphabet the Monstrous Manual way

This is something DBF and I came up with a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about teaching kids the alphabet and how the usual A is for Apple, B is for Ball etc. is so boring and generic.

Just for a laugh we decided to come up with a new version of the teaching alphabet on a topic that is more appropriate to us. Since we both play Dungeons and Dragons we hit on the idea of doing the Monstrous Manual.

Before I share what we came up with, I'd like to suggest that you do one of your own, on a subject personal to you, for example, I could have done Stitching, or Fantasy Novels or even Gemstones. So do yours, post it on your blog and then come and leave me a comment so I can surf over to see it.

So here goes with: The alphabet according to... The Monstrous Manual

A is for Abishai
B is for Beholder
C is for Chimera
D is for Dragon
E is for Ettin
F is for Firbolg
G is for Gargoyle
H is for Hippogriff
I is for Illithid
J is for Jackalwere
K is for Kobold
L is for Lich
M is for Minotaur
N is for Naga
O is for Ogre
P is for Pegasus
Q is for Quaggoth
R is for Rakshasa
S is for Shadow
T is for Troll
U is for Unicorn
V is for Vampire
W is for Wraith
X is for Xorn
Y is for Yuan-ti
Z is for Zombie