Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sore toe

I have a sore toe. It's my own fault really. I had a slightly ingrown toenail (big toe, left foot), and instead of being sensible and going to see a chiropodist, I decided I could take care of it myself.

Big mistake. At first everything seemed ok, the pain eased and the small wound seemed to be healing up nicely. Then yesterday it started getting painful again. It got worse through the day. Walking to the tram stop hurt, changing gear in the car hurt.

When I got home I stuck my foot in some warm soapy water for a while and then took a look at it. The area was all swollen and red. So what did I do? I poked and prodded at it again. Now you'd think I would have learned my lesson the first time, but no. Well I found out that the wound from the first session of impromptu surgery had got slightly infected, hence the swelling and pain. I decided to try and clean it up so it could heal properly.

Well thanks to the judicious application of a pin and a small pair of scissors (don't ask) I now have a slightly larger wound on my toe which keeps weeping and is even more painful than it was yesterday.
I managed to make it into work this morning, driving is a bit tricky but at least it's only my clutch foot. The hardest bit is the walk to and from the tram stop, it took me 10 mins this morning to make a 2 min walk and all the way I was cursing the person who decided that the top of a hill was a splendid place to build a city. That was the downhill trip. I'm soo looking forward to the trip back up the hill tonight =(.