Monday, April 04, 2005

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Kitty

Hi guys, I’m back. Feeling a lot better, or at least I was until I had to get up at 7am to get to work after being off all last week – meh. It would also be nice if my sinuses weren’t full of some PVA-like substance that means I have to go to the ladies every time I want to blow my nose. Before any of you get any, frankly sick, ideas (I know you lot), it’s simply that I don’t want all my colleagues looking round for the herd of stampeding elephants each time I break out a tissue.

Apart from the cold, I had quite a nice time last week. I spent most days sat on my behind stitching and ‘watching’ Angel, seasons 2 and 3, with my adorable fuzzbutts keeping me company, at least until they decided to wage WWIII over the occupation of my lap and I threw the lot of them out of the room for a couple of hours.

I had a parcel of fabrics arrive from Sugar Maple Fabrics on Tuesday morning which occasioned much fondling and I then spent the rest of the day washing, ironing and labelling. Then I decided that one of the pieces was perfect for Fanciful Butterfly and so I started stitching. It’s about 80% done now. I had to frog the border a few times as the colours are meant for an ivory background and the fabric I’m using is blue, so I had to change the colours to be more in tune with the fabric and keep the ‘look’ of the piece. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out and I’ll hopefully be sharing a piccy very soon. I also bid for, won and received an Afghan off Ebay, from a seller in the US, which cost me half what I would have paid for it, from a UK based shop (and that’s including the cost of shipping it!).

I’m sorely tempted to start stitching on that next but I can’t. I’m in a UK based Round Robin that has been organised, and I really need to prepare my fabric and get stitching on my piece so it’s ready to go. I also need to hunt out patterns for the others that will be coming my way. We’ve all chosen our own themes and I have things in mind for most of them, but two of the themes are cottages and hedgehogs, neither of which are things that I would normally stitch. Fortunately I have a massive collection of cross-stitch magazines so I should be able to find something in them; it's just going through them all.

Finally some humour. Go and read Garnets blog about Hippo racing in Australia here, and Kim’s post about how to truly embarrass your daughter here.