Friday, April 03, 2009


He's been allowed to wear trousers around the house for the first time today. So far we haven't had any accidents (that's me setting things up for a soggy evening folks), although he has managed to pee over the rim of the toilet seat and all over the floor, his pants and his trousers a couple of times. I keep trying to tell him that if he sits there trying to watch himself pee then he's going to get wet feet, but he's still fascinated with the whole thing. Good job I keep a mop and bucket in the shower in that bathroom.

He's also earned two more cars since last I mentioned it. He's just earned his third and is merrily playing with them all at the moment.

Tomorrow I promise I'll write about something other than toilet training *lol*

P.S. One fun thing I've learned since we started toilet training. Ewok has veeeery ticklish bum cheeks *hee*