Sunday, April 05, 2009

As promised

A post not about Ewok's toilet training.

I have actually managed to do a little stitching over the past few weeks and here's the results. It's from the 2002 JCS Ornament Issue and I had a kit for making it from a friend who was clearing out her stash, so it seemed rude not to stitch it. The design is Abigail's Christmas Ornament by Earth Threads

Just the stitching (sorry for slight blurriness, it's a scan and the beads were already on)

Finished as a tuck pillow, the little pillow was part of the kit.

With hindsight I probably should have subbed out the pink thread for something else, but I was just looking for a quick, easy stitch that didn't involve digging through my thread and project boxes for threads, and trying to select a fabric from my extensive collection.