Monday, January 05, 2009

Growth Spurt

We had to go shopping for new trousers for Ewok on Saturday. As you may have gathered from previous posts he's a tall boy, he's at or above the 98th percentile for everything, but until recently all his height has been in his upper body. This meant that although he was needing 3-4 yo tops, he was still wearing 18-24 mo trousers.

A couple of weeks ago it looked to me as if he'd grown, and if I noticed (who spends all day every day with him) then chances were that he'd grown a lot. So it was backs against the wall and out came the trusty yardstick.

First off I had to find a new place to measure him, as he's now taller then the cupboard I was making marks on before. Then it was make the mark and measure it with the stick. Now, he had a developmental check-up at 2 years old, and his height then was 93cms (or 3ft 0.5in in old money). His new height, just three months later mind you, was 96.5cms (or 3ft 2in). Even allowing for measuring errors that's still a hell of a growth spurt!

All this growth meant that his old trousers were starting to look obviously too short on him, and he only had one pair of 2-3yo jeans that I'd bought a while ago when they were in a sale.

So Saturday afternoon saw us heading to Asda for the weekly shop, and up to their clothing department for some new trousers for Ewok. However, when it came to measuring up the 2-3yo trousers against Ewok, they didn't look as though they'd last him very long before he'd be growing out of them too. A quick look at the label showed that Asda 2-3 yos are 92-98cms tall. This occasioned Ewok's very first visit to the changing rooms. He insisted on having Daddy take him in (Daddy wasn't too impressed with this *heh*) and off they went with two pairs of trousers, one 2-3yo and one 3-4yo. After a few mins of scuffling Ewok came back out for the Mummy inspection wearing the 3-4yo trousers, and they only looked a little bit too long on him, probably one small turn-up too long. We didn't bother with the 2-3yo trousers after that.

So my baby Ewok has pretty much passed over the 2-3yo trousers and gone straight to 3-4yo stuff. Oh, and if you don't know already, he was 2 last September, and no, I haven't been standing him in compost!

On the stitching front, I've had another finish, and will be having another one very soon, but I can't share them yet as they're gifts for friends who might just read this. As soon as I can, I'll post them for you all to see.