Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby's first...

...night in a big bed.

Yes, it's really taken us this long to sort out a proper bed for him, and to make his room safe for him to roam about. No messing about with kiddy size beds here, we've put him straight into a standard single. I got the bed frame ages ago off Freecycle, and we bought a new mattress for it last week in the sales. We got him a standard single 4.5 tog duvet and a small childs pillow, and today I bought him his linen. The duvet cover and pillowcase set has a royal blue background with brightly coloured trucks all over, and he thinks it's great. I could only get white sheets, but they're not going to stay that way for long

Unfortunately it took a lot longer than we thought this evening, to get the room finally sorted, so he's gone to bed 1.5 hrs later than normal. I hoped this would mean that he settled quickly, but there's been a lot more sobbing than usual. On the other hand there's been a lot less sobbing, screaming, getting out of bed, and yelling than I'd feared, and I think he's about asleep now.

The real battle is going to be when the time comes for his nap tomorrow afternoon...

*Post continues after about a 40 min break*

Well as it turns out he wasn't so settled as I thought. I'd gone downstairs to help Wookiee rearrange the furniture in his 'swamp' (it had all had to be shifted to get the single bed out and moved to Ewok's room) when I heard the clarion cry of 'MUMMY!' from upstairs, and waaay too loud for him to be anywhere other than standing at the gate of his room *sigh*

I soon discovered the problem was that I shouldn't have left his big toybox in the room with him. He'd opened it up and pulled almost all the toys out and onto the bed, and I think what he was trying to say was 'Mummy I want to go to sleep now and I can't because my bed is full of toys.'

So I had to put all the toys back in the box and move it out of the room completely. I'll worry about what to do with it tomorrow. After that he settled down without so much as a whimper.

I think he's asleep now...