Monday, June 30, 2008

We've had an accident...

Not the words you want to hear coming from your OH in the middle of the supermarket as he returns to you with child in pushchair after a little foray into the 'household' section of the store.

There I was, browsing the craft magazines, when the pair of them hove up behind me and these fateful words were uttered. My heart sank and I spun around expecting to see blood, cuts, or at the very least, signs of bruising.

What I actually saw was a very large plush dog in the pushchair.

Closer inspection showed that Ewok was still in there too, clinging on to the dog as if his life depended on it.

Apparently the 'accident' consisted of Wookiee leaving the pushchair within grabbing distance of the soft toys whilst perusing the shelves for a car steering wheel type of toy. Ewok has a definite penchant for plush toys (can't think who he gets that from *cough*) and he decided that the large floppy dog was his new best friend.

Given that it was already half an hour past Ewok's usual nap time and we'd barely started the grocery shopping, I had a fair idea of what would happen if we tried to perform a soft-toy-ectomy. Sure enough, when dog was dropped at one point and I then tried to walk off without it, a howl went up that would have put an air raid siren to shame.

This was on Saturday, and he's taken it everywhere since, including using it as a pillow last night. In fact his cot is getting quite crowded now, as he also has a large teddy and three small ones, a lion, a cow, and a lamb, that also share the cot at night.

I wonder if it's possible to take out insurance against 'accidental' purchases?