Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Being a mum for the first time means having loads of questions about what to do when. When should I start potty training, when should I move him from the cot to a big boy bed, when can I let him start learning to juggle with knives...

A few weeks ago Ewok finally got his own room. The delay in this happening was due to the main bedroom in the house being on a separate floor from all the others, and the house having so much concrete in it's construction that most weak wireless devices (like baby monitors) just don't work. So, I finally decided that there's very little chance of him needing me in the night now, so being a whole floor away is not so much of a problem, and then we found a baby monitor that works through the house electrical ring, so yay!

Of course I still have to look in on him every night before I go to bed, just to make sure, and I was wondering, and here's my question:

As a mum, when will I stop checking on him before I go to bed.

My answer: Probably not until I'm going to bed before he does.