Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A stitching happy dance

For the last few weeks I've been madly stitching on Heirloom Anniversary Sampler from Victoria Sampler. The reason for this was Wookiee's Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary, which was last Saturday (14th June).

On the advice of Wookiee's Dad I made a few changes to the original design. Primarily these were to change all the hearts ('they're not hearts and flowers people') to diamonds, what with 60th being diamond and all that, including the big heart at the top, and I added the jessicas either side of the new big diamond to fill in the large space left. I also replaced all the silks with DMC colours, except for a couple that I had to dye myself, one because there was nothing close in DMC, and the other because it was an overdye anyway. Next all the heart beads and pearls were replaced with various swarovski crystals, and I used a large one in place of the flower in the middle of the hardanger. Finally I changed the verse to something more appropriate to the couple, and more suitable for a 60th.

Anyway, here's my finished piece:

Heirloom Anniversary Sampler

If you click on the image it'll take you to my webshots album, where there are close up pictures of the top, middle and bottom of the sampler.

I finished it into a bellpull, but unfortunately the pictures of the finished piece didn't come out all that well. Next time we visit I'll try and get some pictures of it in situ.

Stitching on this has given me the yen to stitch more of these style of design, and I have Sweet Pea Gazebo in my stash with the thread pack to complete it, so I shall probably he hoicking that out to stitch once I've finished one other WIP, that I'll be getting back to now HAS is done.