Friday, May 23, 2008

He thinks he's a cat

Well sometimes he thinks he's a cat, then occasionally he seems to think he's a labrador.

The labrador behaviour is probably quite common in toddlers. There's 'begging'; sitting practically on my knee while I'm trying to eat my dinner (having had his half an hour before) with a face alternating between pathetically cute and cheesy grin, and trying to sneak carrots off the edge when he thinks I'm not looking. Playing 'fetch', where I throw the ball for him (is it wrong that the ball in question is actually a canine squeaky toy?) and he brings it back to me, and then the other day he was bringing me 'presents'. He would find one of his toys, pick it up with his hands, stick it in his mouth, carry it over to me and spit it out into my waiting hands.

All of that I've heard other parents describe, what I haven't come across before is the cat behaviour. He likes to go around the room marking his territory, although fortunately not in the traditional cat way of pissing all over everything. What he does is to lick his fingers and then wipe them over whatever he wants to claim as his own. Imagaine if you will, Cat from Red Dwarf as he goes around the ship with his little spray can going 'Hey, this is mine. That's mine. All of this is mine. Except that bit. I don't want that bit. But all the rest of this is mine." (Here's that bit on YouTube)

His favourite things to claim are the telly and the french windows, which means unless I clean them both everyday (ha!) they end up sporting very obvious smeary fingerprints. On the telly this is an all over thing, but on the windows it only goes up as far as he can reach (about halfway) and then they're clean, which only emphasises the fingerprinty-smearyness of the bottom half. Did I mention I hate cleaning windows.

So is this normal or do I have a particularly freaky child?