Monday, January 07, 2008

More babyproofing

Every day it seems Ewok can reach that little bit further, climb that little bit higher.

About a week ago I walked into the living room to see this

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He'd not been able to climb up there before, it was just that little bit too high for him. Then he managed to reach to the far side with his hands and get a grip on the far edge, just enough to pull himself up. The first time (when I got the picture) I left him up there, until he realised he couldn't get down and got upset, in the hope that it would stop him from doing it again for a while. No such luck, he was back up there within 10 minutes and very quickly figured out how to get down again.

While I love that he's so intelligent and can work things out so very quickly, just occasionally I wish he couldn't. Two days after this picture was taken I left him alone for five minutes and came back to find all my knitting stuff (from my trays on my desk on the other side of the drawers) strewn about the living room and Ewok sucking on a Halls Soother. That evening it happened again (he did have a cold at the time, so maybe not so daft after all), we never found the wrappers for the cough sweets, I think we know...

The following morning, while he was having his breakfast and safely confined to the highchair, I moved the drawers. My desk is safe again, at least until he manages to work out a way of bridging the gap from the table (you can see it in front of him in the first photo) to my desk, after all, it's only 17".

Another thing he likes to do is try and get at my keyboard and mouse. If he can't reach them by hand (I've learned to push them back when I'm not using them) he'll get one of his toys that's long and use that to hammer at them and try to pull them within reach. He's already managed to damage my keyboard a little anyway, but I decided to fight back, and am now the owner of a shiny new wireless keyboard and mouse. This means that when I get up from the computer I can put them anywhere I want, and certianly out of reach of anything he has in his toybox.

Who's the daddy mummy *smirk*

I'll leave you with an image of what happens if I leave my chair too close to the desk...

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"I will send those emails, I WILL!"

Oh, and in case you were wondering, those are his pj's.