Monday, January 07, 2008

False economy

I've recently reviewed our finances and they're not looking too good at the moment, so I've been looking for ways to save a little here and there. I like to ensure that we get the best deals when we go shopping and I'll only pay for branded goods if they are worth paying the extra over the unbranded/own brands.

Pretty much since Ewok was born we've been using Pampers, primarily because we had loads of money off vouchers that made them almost as cheap as the supermarket brands, and I could feel/see the difference between them. However when we were shopping last week I had a look at the difference in price between the Pampers that we usually buy and the store's own. It worked out that the Pampers were 17.9p each and the own brand ones were 10p each, that's quite a difference when you think that we generally get thorough 6/7 nappies a day. So we bought a pack of the store brand ones to try.

Today I took the pack back with two used from it and asked for a refund. They gave him terrible nappy rash from the outside of the nappy! The inside of his right thigh has a HUGE sore patch where it's chafed. It also gave him a rash on his bottom and I'm pretty sure he's not teething at the moment. This is the boy who's inherited my dragonhide, who only ever gets a rash when he's teething, and even then it's not that bad and a splash of bum cream cleans it right up again.

The store band nappies were Tesco's. I'm not going to rant about them because they did give me my money back without any argument, it's more just to warn any other mums who might consider trying them.