Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A new start

So after saying in my previous post that I wasn't going to start anything new until I'd finished stitching my tits, what did I do?

I started stitching this: Coeur

In my defense, the reason I'm stitching it, is as a showpiece for a new colour of thread that will be hitting the shop in the New Year, so it's business stitching and therefore doesn't count (good excuse huh?)

It's a free design and the lady who created it, Ludivine, has many others on her blog. This linky will take you to her free charts index. I rather wish I could read her posts, but my french is simply not that good. I can figure out the odd word here and there, but most of it escapes me.

The colour I'm stitching it in is called Hunnybunny. It's shades of pink from DMC 3609 to something a little darker than DMC 3608, and I'm stitching it over one (tent stitch) on Fairy Tale.

This colour is one of five new colours of thread, of which I've sent samples to the magazine Gift of Stitching, so they should be featuring in their New Products section soon (I'm hoping for January). I've also sent them a sample of a new fabric colour, one that I've mentioned before, that's called Basically Bonkers. I promised an explanation of that name, and one will be forthcoming, when I have a picture to post with it. Unfortunately we only have one scanner in this house and Wookiee is using it at the moment.