Thursday, December 06, 2007

Talk Dirty to Me

I'm doomed!

A bit dramatic you may think, but it's true, and yes, the title of this post is appropriate.

Two days ago Wookiee finally managed to lay his sweaty little mitts on a Wii (they're like hen's teeth in the UK at the moment). The big push to get one was brought on by the recent release of a new game called Guitar Hero. For those of you who don't know, simply put you have to play along with the music by hitting the notes shown to you on scrolling guitar strings.

All the tunes are rock and metal tracks and the significance of the title is that the one I'm hooked on trying to play perfectly is Talk Dirty to Me by Poison.

It's made even more fun by the fact that the controller for the game is a guitar. Not a real one, but a big plastic one with the necessary buttons and a slot for a Wiimote to make it work. There are five note buttons, a strum button and a whammy bar. You only need all five note if you're playing in Expert mode, not something I've dared yet. In Easy mode you just use three and it's still an utter bugger to play some of the tracks. Oh and I think they go faster in Expert mode.

In order to play the notes you have to hold down the matching coloured button and whack the strum button as the coloured 'note' passes over the fret, one colour for each string.

To give you a better idea of what it's all about, here's a little video of someone (not me - I wish!) playing one of the more mental tracks (Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce) in Expert mode:

(It's a fairly long video so you may want to pause it and let it load a little before starting to watch)

The really mad thing is that Ewok just loves watching Mummy and Daddy play Wii, he sits there and giggles at us (little git darling) so I can see me spending far too much of my non-existant free time playing this game.

Another little problem you experience after playing this game for a while, is that your brain gets messed up by the scrolling strings, so when you see the still screens at the end of a track it looks like the components of the image are actually swimming around on the screen *meep*

Help me!

Oh and in case you were wondering, here's Poison at their 80's, big hair, glam rock best with Talk Dirty to Me:

You didn't know I was a rock chick did you *grin*