Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stash Thursday

It was another stash day today =)

I ordered a chart about a week ago for my secret santa stitcher for this year. She may read this so I can't say what I ordered. However I could only find it for sale in the US ONS's, not in any of the UK ones, so in order to justify the postage I added a few things for myself.

So I now have Rejoice, Wish and Christmas Tree Ornaments from M Designs. This means that I have all the trees I need for the two tree groupings that I want to stitch. Rather than stitching each tree individually and making them up into ornaments (I'm not really a stitched ornament kind of person) I'm going to stitch two 'forests' with them.

The two groupings will be:

Group 1: Peace, Love, Joy, Rejoice and Christmas.
Group 2: Hope, Believe, Dream and Wish.

Of course getting the charts is the easy part, now I have to choose the fabrics and threads for the two pieces, and do I stitch all the trees in a group in the same thread or each one in a different thread. I think I know which fabric I want to use for Group 1, it's a new colour that will be appearing in the shop very soon. It's really dark, rich, and vibrant shades of purple called Basically Bonkers (I'll explain the name at another time). This means that I'll need to use pale colour threads for the trees. I'm tempted to try using white or pearl Krenik braid but I think it might drive me nuts doing five trees like that. It might also be a little tricky if I decide to stitch them over one. Maybe if I stitched the bottom leg in white DMC and the top leg in Krenik (BF for over one and braid for over two).

All these decisions and I don't even know when I'm going to be able to start stitching, I still have to finish my tits off and the next thing I want to start is one of two HAEDs. As I'm trying to stick to not starting anything new until I've finished one of my WIPs, it could be quite a while before I can start work on my trees. Maybe I can think of having Group 1 finished for next Christmas.