Monday, September 17, 2007

I LOVE this t-shirt!

Ok, bear with me becuase there's a long intro to this one.

Here in the UK, when you have a baby, the government gives you a £250 voucher that has to be invested in a Child Trust Fund for your darling's future. A Child Trust Fund is a special type of savings account that you can pay into, but can't retrieve money from until el sproggo is 18 years old. Then they can blow it all on some clapped out old wreck of a sports car if they so choose, although I think the idea is more to help them pay for the ever increasing costs of further education (hahahahah, 'scuse me while I take a minute here)

Aaaanyway. You get sent this voucher after you register their existence with the proper authorities and they give you a year to invest it with the savings institution of your choice. If, by the time your baby's first birthday rolls around, you haven't done so, then they will do so for you.

With the usual parental efficiency, two weeks before Ewok's birthday I realised that his voucher was still langushing in his 'box' and went through the flappy panic of trying to find somewhere suitable to invest it.

The place I chose gives you a load of money off vouchers for various places, mostly kiddy related, and one of them included a place called Dribble Factory.

They do quite a range of printed babywear, including items printed with the more common nicknames for babies, like Sausage and Cheeky Monkey. But by far my favourite one is this one: