Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ewok has discovered buttons, someone shoot me now, please.

One of our friends gave him this toy for his birthday:

See that big red & white button at the bottom, that's what you press to activate the toy, it plays a little tune, the lights flash in time to the music, the big cog in the middle rotates and activates all the little cogs that are connected up. The little cogs come off so you can change them about. The music isn't too loud and for a kids toy it's quite inoffensive.

The problem is that this toy has well and truly introduced Ewok to the concept of buttons that do things. A couple of days ago he discovered the on/off switch on the tv. He spent the next half hour pressing it. I was a little worried that he might blow the tube on the tv, but when I didn't react to him doing this (I've already discovered that telling him off makes him do it more) he got bored and went off to harass one of the cats instead. He did then switch the tv off later that evening in the middle of CSI Miami, which nearly resulted in him becoming an ex-baby. Then Wookiee put a big white sticker over the button in the theory that if he can see where the button is, then he can't press it. Seems to have worked so far.

Of course he was bound to find something else to push, wasn't he...

So I was sitting here, surfing, when from under the desk I hear the unmistakable sound of my CD drawer opening on my base unit (yes, before you ask, my base unit is on the floor under the desk where Ewok can get at it), I peer over the edge of the desk and see a very cheeky grin looking back up at me:

Now I'm just waiting for the moment he finds the on/off switch for the pc.

Because Heather asked, I haven't bought one of those t-shirts for Ewok yet, but I will. They have a nicknames section as well, and you can make suggestions for other names that should add to their collection. I've suggested Ratbag, which is what Ewok gets called the most, and I'm waiting (not with any great hope you understand) to see if they add it, because if they do then I'm definitely getting one of those too. At the moment I'm most tempted by the 'Munchkin' one.