Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Ewok

I can't believe it's here already. My baby boy is one today.

Just as an aside, can someone tell me how long it's supposed to take for the memory of the trauma of labour to fade, cos it hasn't yet. I'm just saying.

So in a year my little boy has gone from this:

to this:

(Yes that t-shirt is miles too big for him at the moment, it's size 6-8 years, but it was the smallest one they had in.)

He's gone from lying like lump in the middle of the floor to walking about all over the living room and getting into anything and everything that he can. Sometimes I miss being able to put him down somewhere and know he'll still be there when I get back!

He's been to his first and second gamers conventions, UK Games Expo in Birmingham and then GenCon UK in Reading at which he got his first D20 to chew on (yes it's a jumbo one).

He's learned to crawl, then stand up, then walk, whether he's said his first word yet or not is debatable, if he has then it was either rat or cat.

He's had his first dressing up session:

That's one of my t-shirts in case you're wondering.

He's had all sorts of other firsts as well, but I can't think of all of them now.

Sometimes he drives me up the wall with getting into things he shouldn't, and refusing to take no for an answer (just like his mum at that age according to his grandma). He's got a very wilful personality, he can be very determined and when he's interested in something he can be intensely focussed on it. He's a very independent soul, but fortunately he still wants hugs from his mummy and daddy, and I'm going to keep making the most of them while it lasts.

He's my little boy, and he always will be, even when he's all growed up (and probably about a foot taller then me).

Happy Birthday Son.