Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nearly there.

The decorating is almost done. The house looks very different now. When I get a bit of time I'll post a few before and after photos. Unfortunately I didn't think to take proper before photos, so they'll have to be whatever I've got, most likely with an Ewok in them.

Now starts the mammoth task of 'staging' the house and hiding away all our crap. I've already taken the step of putting my figurine collection in storage. I've been cataloging them as they've been going to the store, mainly so that I know what I have in the event anything disatrous happens to them, and so I know how much to insure them for. At the moment I'm just going by the purchase price, but I know some of them are worth more than the original purchase price, and I have one piece that is a one-off paint finish of a regular piece. Just going by the purchase price I'm already up to £2500.00 spent! *yipes* although that is over 15 years of collecting.

We've set one of the basement rooms up as a 'library' with shelving all round, but we're boxing a lot of stuff up and putting it on those shelves. This means that this one room will be cluttered (although in a tidy way) but it will declutter all the other rooms, making the place look so much better.

In other news, we're off to GenCon UK on Wednesday. This will be Ewok's first big convention so I hope he doesn't get too cranky during the day. It's being held at Reading University so there should be plenty of green spaces where I can let him out of his pram for a run around, but for most of the day he's likely to be pram-bound watching Wookiee and I playing games of various sorts. I am hoping to get in a visit to a fellow stitcher and blogger while I'm there. She's just moved house and I suspect will be glad of a break from unpacking boxes.

It will also be our longest stay away from home with Ewok. We've been away before, but only for two nights and he was pretty well behaved. The only real problem we had was getting him to settle down at night with us in the room with him, while he was supposed to be going to sleep. This time we're staying in an apartment as there's five of us (and Ewok) all going together, so we'll be able to put him to bed in the bedroom and leave him to it, more like being at home. As long as the lads don't make too much noise with the requisite convention drunken carousing, we should be ok.

Oh dear.