Friday, June 01, 2007


So far so good, although after looking up chicken pox online I discovered that the incubation period is 15-21 days, so I have to wait until this coming Monday to be sure we've escaped it.

Getting enough sleep continues to be a problem. Last week the builders started work on next door's extension. This involved much noise of pneumatic drills, circular saws cutting into tarmac, and various diggers running up and down the driveway with loads of rubble. All this from 8am each day *urgh*

Ewok has been sleeping better. Most of the time now, when he wakes in the night it's because he's bumped his head into the side of the cot in his sleepcrawling. It usually goes something like: Clonk (as of head hitting side of cot), Waaaah! (I bumped my head), Yawn (still tired), zzzzzzzz. He is starting to get better at avoiding the sides of the cot during his nocturnal ramblings, but he seems to have a penchent for sleeping with his head rammed into a corner, or across the cot, which isn't as wide as he's long.

Of course last night his teeth started bothering him again and he woke up screaming in pain at 2:30am. It was so bad I had to rush downstairs and grab a sachet of his teething grains and a dose of Calpol and run back upstairs to try and get both of thim down him. Poor love was still mostly asleep so getting the grains in his mouth was interesting, the calpol was much easier because I still use the syringes. Once this was achieved I popped him back in the cot and within 10 minutes he was fast asleep again.

Tomorrow we're all supposed to be going to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, which will be Ewoks' very first games con, but if he's still suffering then Wookiee may well be going without us.