Sunday, June 03, 2007

Geek Baby

He slept well on Friday night (I didn't but it wasn't his fault) so we made it to the Games Expo on Saturday.

He coped with his first games convention very well. He only had one mild grizzle when I was in the middle of a Treehouse tournament, which took longer than expected and he wanted his dinner. I ended up playing with him sitting on my knee, trying to keep him from grabbing the pieces while rolling the die and moving the pieces myself.

It was a bit awkward getting his pram through the crush of geeks at times and we did get a few funny looks from some of the really geeky types, who probably never considered that one of their own could not only get a girlfriend, but actually manage to reproduce as well!

After he ate lunch sitting goutside on the grass (to get away from all those distracting people), he managed to stay awake just long enough to totally charm the pretty lady dressed up as a Ranger from Guildwars (doing photos for charity) and have his photo taken with her:

Click for bigger picture

Isn't he cute *grin*