Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New fabric and thread colours

I've been busy dyeing recently. Here are some of the fruits of my labour:

Midnight (on linen)

This is close to the DMC range of 791-794 in colour

All the following are clickable for a bigger image:

Mossy BankSmoky MountainTopaz
Flower JadeSherwoodDark Celadon

Nile Crocodile

All of the threads are available already. The fabric will be very soon. I remember someone asking me a while ago when I would be doing some greens (IIRC it was Heather), well here they are, and there are loads of green Solitaires in the shop as well, the ones created when I was experimenting.

The first batch of my next experiments are currently rinsing. These are all shades of pink, red, blue and purple. There are fifty skeins in this batch, all different colours, and I have another three batches to do, with fifty skeins in each. I really enjoy the experimentation, not so much scanning the results to put in the shop. I may start selling Solitaire bundles just to reduce the scanning *grin*