Friday, June 15, 2007

Restocking and rashes

I had a great weekend away. Lots of fun and giggles with a bunch of mad stitchers, what more could you want. I also managed to sell half my stock to them, arms are so easy to twist when you're waving fabrics and threads under their noses! So I'm now madly trying to restock the shop. I've got 64 pieces of fabric to dye just to restock, and then I need to dye a whole load of new stuff with the colours we discovered over the weekend.

You see I held a little dyeing class on the Sunday. I told people if they wanted to have a go, to bring some threads or fabric to dye and I'd supply the rest. This was really just a cunning way for me to get them to come up with some new colours for me, and bless them if they didn't do just that. I now have five new fabric colours to try and recreate with names given to them by the people who created them. Which is why one of them will be known as 'Basically Bonkers' *grin*

Apparently Wookiee and Ewok coped quite well without me, although Ewok did miss his mummy and as a result was quite 'needy' while I was gone.

Since then my poor boy has been teething badly again, with the accompanying nappy rash. It wasn't too bad until today, but today he's had the runs, quite badly, and it's really aggravated the rash to the point that his little bum has a lot in common with a babboons' and I've been having to wipe him with cotton wool and water because the wipes were making his bum sting. Even with the cotton wool and water he was crying the whole time I was changing his nappy.

Although I know teething babies can suffer from the runs, I suspect this is more likely to be a bug that he's caught from me, as I was suffering on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately the last nappy of the day contained something a little more solid, so I'm hoping he's got over it now, and the cream that I put on his bum will have plenty of time to work on the rash overnight.