Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bigger and bigger!

Apologies for the long gap since my last post, I've managed to start stitching and dyeing again in between feeds. Unfortunately this means I've spent even less time on the computer, and when I have been on I've been busy scouring Ebay for the old style Blossom Farm toys that ELC have seen fit to revamp into something pastel and frankly demented looking from the old brightly coloured cute ones.

For example, this is the old style Buttercup Cow:

and this is the new one:

Now which would you prefer?

Not to mention that at this age babies can't distinguish pastel shades, they need good strong colours, so lord knows what ELC were thinking.

Right, on with the post. Which is all about my little Ewok again. Sorry if I'm becoming a baby bore.

He had his 7 week assessment from the Health Visitor last Thursday, and once again much exclamation was made over his phenominal growth and size. Here's the stats:

Weight: 13lbs 3oz (91st percentile)
Height: 61.5cms (98th percentile)
Head circumferance: 41cms (98th percentile)

So he's in proportion and HUGE!

He's now fitting comfortably into 3-6 month clothing, with some room to grow but they're not looking massive on him. I can't help wondering how long it's going to be before we're having to buy 6-9 month stuff.

He's also getting much more active and interactive. He's now smiling loads, mostly at me but he gives it up for his dad too, and occasionally for other people. He can sit up with support and can support his own head for quite a while before he lets it flop. He has a playarch which he's now interacting with and actively puching and kicking the hanging toys instead of just lying there wriggling. In fact that's where he is at the moment, and this morning he's proved that he can kick the duck toy hard enough to make it 'quack'.

Tomorrow we have our first official visit to the doctors for his heath check and the first round of vaccinations, plus my health check and the discussion about birth control (oh joy!) The appointment is at 9:15! This means I won't get as much sleep as normal, for at the moment we're not getting up much before 9:30 most mornings. I'm just hoping he'll go down for a proper nap sometime during the day, but I'll not be holding my breath on that one.

Nighttimes are pretty good at the moment. He's sleeping for a minimum of 4 hours before he wants a feed. For a few nights it was 6-7 hours, which was bliss. Then he'll go down again for a bit longer, how long depends on how much sleep he got before the feed as he's doing a total of about 8-9 hours a night.

I know I promised more pictures, but I haven't posted any yet. There is a good reason for this. I have baby photos of myself and Wookiee where we look remarkably like Ewok, so I want to do a 'who's who' post for you, and if you've seen too many piccies of Ewok in the meantime then it'll be too easy for you. Unfortunately I need to scan the piccy of Wookiee before I can do it, and you all know how good I am and doing these things. I'll try and get to it sometime in the next week and you have my permission to issue a verbal kicking if I don't.

Right, his lordship is grizzling for his breakfast so I'd better go to it.