Friday, November 10, 2006

Ten-ton Ewok

Well not quite, but when we went to the Doctors yesterday they weighed him again and he's hit the one stone mark dead on (that's 14lbs for my non-UK readers). No wonder I can't carry him in his car seat anymore.

He had his first round of vaccinations and only screamed a bit when the nurse turned him into a pincushion. Five minutes after the second jab he'd fallen asleep on me *aww*, must have been the early morning getting to him.

Today a positive shedload of toys arrived in the post, fruits of my Ebay spending spree. Some of them will need a wash before I hand them over, but there are others he can play with straight away, including a big plastic playarch that will fit over his bouncy chair or playmat (also in the parcels), several beanie/jingly toy animals and a wonderful hanging cot toy that plays a classic lullaby.