Thursday, August 31, 2006

T-1 week and counting...

That's it folks, there's officially only 1 week left to my due date!

Wookiee and I ventured to Meadowhell last night for some last minute shopping for me. I needed some big t-shirts and jersey trousers for postnatal slobbing and a few last items from Boots. We managed to park right next to the entrance where Boots is, and fortunately Evans isn't too far away from there either. Even so my pelvis and back were screaming by the time I'd finished. So it seems I'm effectively housebound now, barring driving Wookiee to the supermarket.

I did manage to get three t-shirts and a pair of trousers all really cheap, and then came home and ordered a pair of pyjamas, another t-shirt and another pair of trousers from the website. All items I would have bought in the shop, but they were out of my size.

I know it sounds a bit mad buying new stuff that's only going to get baby-stained very quickly, however I needed some big baggy tops. You see I had a good clearout of all my really old baggy tops last year when I was losing weight and replaced them all with smaller well fitting ones. This is great until you want to discreetly hoick up a corner to start breastfeeding.

All this means that I should now be able to finish packing my hospital bag. Then we just need to convince Ewok that it's showtime!

I'll try and make a quick post when things do kick off, however as Wookiee is not a blogfan and generally pours much scorn on the whole thing, you may have to wait a few days after that for me to get home again before you find out any details. I will try to convince him to make a quick post, but don't hold out much hope.