Friday, August 25, 2006

38-week scan

Had my 'How big is the bugger now' scan this morning and the result... Still growing and still bigger than normal *glee*

Apparently Ewok is fine and there's plenty of liquid in there so they're not too concerned about his/her health, just about my ability to deliver come the time. The doctor actually wanted to do an internal exam and cervical sweep today to see if that would induce me early. As the first thought that went through my head was 'But I'm not ready yet!' I refused the sweep and she said that the exam was pointless in that case. I've just been reading up on the sweep and I'm quite glad I did refuse it now. It sounds somewhat unpleasant and there seems very little chance that it would work at this stage anyway. I'd rather wait the last couple of weeks and try and get things going on my own (or with Wookiee's eager assistance).

However I've been told I have to go back for another scan in a fortnight (so one day overdue) and at that point I WILL be examined and WILL be given a sweep if necessary. Hmm, not sure about the enforced sweep, I'll have to speak to my midwife about that and get her opinion, I'm not going to be bullied into anything. Of course this is only if things haven't progressed naturally by then.

Anyway, I can't go into labour yet, I still have some things I need to buy and my bag isn't completely packed yet (although I have made a good start on it now), and the bathroom isn't quite finished, and we're still nowhere near choosing a name and I have this massive bruise on the side of my knee (don't ask) which makes kneeling really painful and that'll make things awkward for me in labour so I really need to wait until that's gone down a bit and, and, and... I'M NOT READY!

Headless chicken or ostritch... you choose.