Friday, July 21, 2006


No I haven't been on the wine, it's Ewok.

I heard/read from several sources that it's really funny and you can really tell when the baby has hiccups, and you know what, you really can tell, and it's funny, the first couple of times. After that, it gets to the stage where you're almost holding YOUR breath hoping that the baby's hiccups will go away.

Ewok is hiccupping as I write.

I feel sorry for the poor little sod. It hadn't happened until a couple of weeks ago, now scarcely a day goes by without at least one bout, sometimes two or three. Hic, hic, hic... aaargh!

This weekend we're heading off to Kent for the weekend. It's a friend’s annual birthday BBQ event. They've moved house since last year and I'm hoping that their new garden is slightly larger than the postage stamp that they had at the old place. Not that it wasn't cosy, but it could get interesting when there were 20-30 people crammed into it.

After the events of last year I'm almost dreading what Wookiee and his friend T will get up to this year. Wookiee has already mentioned getting a few different bags of sweets to try out - you'll need to read the story of last years events to get the significance of this.

See you on the other side...