Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ok, ok, I'm hopeless

More time on my hands than ever before and yet I can't seem to write a post more than once a week.

I blame the hormones *grin*

So catching up again...

Ewok and I are still fine according to my midwife, although when she checked me over the wee bugger was in breech position, but apparently there's still plenty of time for that to change. My next appointment is in a couple of weeks for another scan to follow up on the placenta being in the wrong place last time. Fingers crossed that it's moved otherwise I could be in for a slice-n-dice.

On Saturday, my house was invaded (by invitation) by several mad stitchers from one of the forums in which I post. The first two arrived at 9:45 in the morning and we didn't let up until about 8pm when the remaining few and I headed off to a local hostelry for some food. There was much gossiping and stitching, and showing off of stitching and fabrics. I think several people's wish lists are much longer now and I have at least one fabric and thread order, possibly two.

Some of the stitchers stayed over on Saturday night at a local B&B, and on Sunday we all headed over to Bakewell for to visit Wye Needlecraft to do a spot of shopping. I managed to resist buying anything for myself, and just picked up an interesting package of bits and pieces for a Summer Santa exchange that I'm in.

Wookiee escaped for the weekend with his brother to Rye and by all accounts had a great time poking around in the antique shops and pubs they found there. He came home with a gorgeous set of five ruby glass liqueur glasses that he found in one of the antique shops. They're the sort of thing that should really be on display, but we have nowhere safe to display them at the moment, so I feel another trip to Ikea coming on.