Friday, June 16, 2006

Running around

Got a busy few days coming up, starting today (in about an hour) with my next visit to the consultant at the maternity unit. Time for the next swathe of blood tests and checkups.

Tomorrow we're visiting Wookiees' Grandparents for the first time since they were informed of their impending Great-grandparent-ness. Since his Grandfather was apparently reluctant to accept that he was old enough to be a grandparent when Wookiee was born the news had to be broken gently. The guy is still firmly convinced he's only in his 50's, so he can't possibly be old enough to be a great- yet.

Sunday sees my parents coming to visit for the day, with the dog for the first time, which is going to impress the cats no end *hee*

Monday is actually free at the moment and I'm trying to keep it that way. Then on Tuesday I have my first appointment with the Physio to talk about this SPD I seem to have.

I will however try and find a little time to post holiday photos, tell you about the cat and duck story, and add to that the repeating mousie story.

Right, I'd better go and get dressed.