Monday, May 29, 2006


Long time no post, sorry.

Was matron-of-honour at my best-friend-from-school's wedding on the 20th, down in London. Had an awful drive down there on the 19th (Friday afternoon traffic in London, shoot me now). The wedding went off without a hitch (other than the B&G obviously). No pictures of me but here's one of the bride because this dress just deserves to be shown off:

This weekend we went to another wedding reception for friends who got married a few weeks ago in forn parts. Just your typical wedding disco with mostly family and the friends hiding out in the corner. We did manage to stir it up a little bit by getting the DJ to play Lordi's Eurovision Winning single Hard Rock Hallelujah which cleared the dance floor of everyone else to make room for all the rock loving friends for the B&G, and yes, I did get up and dance to that one although since my BP had been up all night I had to be a little more circumspect than usual with the headbanging *grin* Didn't want to upset the festivities by keeling over. Can you imagine the fuss - 'Pregnant woman faints while listening to Satanic rock song!'

It’s been quite a couple of weeks for weddings as another friend got married a couple of days ago over in Greece. You can read all about her escapades here.

All's well on the Ewok front. I've been told be several people that I'm 'blooming' which I'm assuming is a good thing. On the downside my midwife is almost certain I have a mildish form of SPD and has referred me to the physio for assessment.

The nesting is coming along well. We've cleared all the nasty fitted furniture out of the master bedroom now to make space for the nursery area. All the furniture was taken away on Sunday by a family who wanted it, thanks to Freecycle. We also got rid of the TV wall bracket that was in there, and my old cylinder hoover that we don't use anymore.

Nursery-wise, I've managed to pick up a lovely swinging crib and moses basket with stand off eBay and got a baby monitor from another Freecycler. Last week we also braved Ikea in the hope that the changing table/drawers, and chest of drawers that we wanted would be in the sale. They weren't, but we got them anyway along with a changing mat to go on the table. We did see a fabulous solid oak dining table that was in the sale at half price. We haven't bought it yet but there's a strong possibility that we'll be going back for it before the sale ends.

Well, I think that's all the news for now, so I'm off to bed. Night all.