Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fashion update

Well my order from Funmum arrived today.

Neither pair of trousers fit. I am somewhat confused by the size labels too. On their website, it states that an XXXL is a UK size 22. However the garment labels say XXL and have a second label saying 22, but the invoice says they're XXXL, so which are they?

On top of that they don't do free returns, so I have to pay the return postage, and they don't refund the postage they charge to send them out in the first place (ok, that's fair), but this means it's cost me £3.95 plus whatever it's going to cost me to return them, just try them on. Not happy.

I did have a look at Next online. I couldn't wear any of their trousers because they're all underbump, which frankly would drive me nuts, and of the three tops I added to the shopping cart, two of them were out of stock, marvellous. I gave up on that order.

I'm reluctant to buy on Ebay because if the items don't fit then I'm stuck with trying to sell them on to get my money back, and frankly that's more faff than I can cope with right now.

Oh and no response from Evans as yet. If I get one I'll let you know.

*** UPDATE ***

Well I've just 'sucked it up' and placed an order with J C Penney. For my non-US readers they're a department store in the US that I have bought from before (in person) so I know their stuff fits me. Fingers crossed for these items. Just a pair of jeans and a top, but if they don't fit I think I'll be ebaying them rather than trying to return them.