Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's Wonderful, wonderful...

...guess where we're going.


Of all the suggestions it seems to be the best place for travel time and things for us to do that appeal to us. There's plenty of breweries and brew pubs and a theme park for Wookiee, and castles and scenery for me. Not that I don't like theme parks but obviously I won't be going on any roller coasters this time.

On top of that you can get a City Card for about £40 that gives you free entry to a lot of the attractions (including the theme park) and unlimited travel on the public transport system (busses, trains and metro) for 72 hours after the first use of the card, which frankly seems like a bargain to me.

Nothing's booked yet as I want to check with my midwife first that I'll be ok to fly then, but subject to approval that's where we'll be going.