Friday, May 12, 2006

Catching up.

It’s been a while hasn’t it.

I’m fine (still with the back pain, but that’s nothing new) and Ewok’s fine. Getting more and more wriggly every day. I can feel the kicks and punches on the outside now, I can see them sometimes, but so far Wookiee hasn’t been able to. Not for lack of trying you understand, but because Ewok is being an uncooperative little swine.

I’ll be sitting there and feel 3 or 4 hefty kicks or punches, so I drag Wookiee over and show him where to put his hand. At which point everything goes quiet. As soon as Wookiee gives up and goes back to his seat, the kicking starts up again. I swear the little sod knows! So young and yet so mischievous, must be Wookiee’s genes showing through already.

We’ve been and picked out our pram, although we’ve not bought it yet. We managed to find one with a handle at a decent height for Wookiee and that manages to make him look macho while he pushes it around, and they extend far enough back that I won’t be constantly kicking the rear axle, and it has all the bits we need for now. It’s a 3-wheel ‘travel system’ one from Mothercare, and of course it’s one of their own so we can’t try and find it cheaper anywhere else, but Wookiee’s workplace are in a high street voucher scheme, where you can purchase gift vouchers at a discount and Mothercare is on the list at an 8% discount. So we’ve ordered enough to pay for the pram and we just need to wait for them to come in the post.

In other news, I’m going to be a bridesmaid next weekend. Yes, you heard me right. Well, technically a matron of honour in my condition, but you know what I mean. Fortunately the bride chose an empire line style of dress and mine’s been made with a couple of pleats in the front of the skirt to allow plenty of room. It’s also black, so nice and slimming. Before you exclaim at black dresses for the bridesmaids, the brides’ dress is bright red, so anything else wouldn’t have looked right. I’ve been busy making myself some jewellery to go with it, as the front is quite low-cut, and so far I’m very pleased. I’ll try and post some piccies once they’re complete.

Finally, Wookiee and I are planning a short holiday for the first week in June. However we don’t know where to go. So far we have decided that it needs to be a city in Europe, preferably somewhere not too hot and not too touristy but reasonably priced, with good public transport (since I can’t walk too much), some places of interest to visit, and at least one brewery within day trip range. Oh and not France. Any suggestions?