Friday, April 28, 2006

Feisty wee bugger

Ewok certainly is a wriggly little so and so. I’m regularly feeling movement on the inside, although there’s no corresponding feeling from the outside. Wookiee says that’s probably due to the nice hefty layer of protective blubber (cheeky git!)

Yesterday I was in a meeting at work for just over 2 hours. Although we did get a comfort break halfway through, I think Ewok took exception to the boring subject matter, because about 15 minutes before the end of the meeting he/she started kicking (or punching, or even headbutting for all I know) my bladder!

Now anyone who’s experienced this knows that this is the most peculiar sensation, add to that the fact of needing to pee every half hour anyway, and that I was already overdue for my next visit to the ladies, and it had me racing out of that meeting room 15 minutes later like a greyhound after the hare.

Thanks for the suggestions about my back; especially to Ella who mentioned getting a brace. My Doc had already mentioned the possibility of referral to the Physio so I shall have to take them up on that. I should mention that I already have a chronic back condition anyway, for which I see an osteopath regularly, so I am used to a certain level of pain and discomfort, however the pregnancy has definitely aggravated it beyond my usual tolerances.

One great bit of news is that work have agreed to give me a temporary parking space dependant on me getting a letter from my osteopath, who has said that won’t be a problem. So from Tuesday next week I’ll be driving all the way to work instead of having to use the tram each way (40 mins trip) and contend with the unchivalrous gits that not only don’t think to offer me a seat, but in some cases actually take advantage of the fact that I obviously can’t move very fast, to beat me to the last empty seat! (Yes, this has happened twice now)