Monday, April 24, 2006

All clear

Nice sensible midwife I've got.

She couldn't understand why they were in such a flap at the hospital. Apparently, my BP was within tolerance levels the other day and the amount of protein in my urine was tiny. However, since she was here she checked my BP again and it was down from Friday so she's quite happy and told me not to worry.

She also said that it was a bit early on to be worrying about pre-e anyway, but that it wasn't a bad thing for me to be going back to the hospital at 28 weeks because they'd be able to do the blood tests they wanted and save her having to try again (blood from a stone would be easier).

However, I have discovered that I can no longer do much walking at all without my back screaming at me. Saturday we went into Nottingham to do some shopping. I went to one bead shop (that I parked near) and then moved to another car park on the other side of town to be near M&S and Hobbycraft, which were my other two destinations. Then we drove to an Asda that I knew had George Maternity wear (our local one doesn't) and we shopped for clothes and did our usual weekly shop. Well we'd barely got out of the George section before my back and hips decided to pack up on me and the rest of the trip round the shop was somewhat agonising, even though I spent most of it leaning on/pushing the trolley.

We needn't have even bothered with the clothes for me. The only non-poor-white-trash pair of trousers they had, only went up to a size 16, even though practically everything else went up to a 22 *gah!* (no I wasn't even remotely tempted by the olive green velour jogging bottoms) OTOH we did buy two packs of 3 sleepsuits for Ewok and a pair of slippers for me for the princely sum of £9.75 for the sleepsuits and a whole £1.75 for the slippers! They get added to a pack of 7 short sleeve bodysuits that I bought from Primark the other day for £4.00, and a pack of 2 pairs of scratch mitts for a massive 50p, and I think we're doing quite well for Ewok's initial wardrobe.

Thanks to all this strenuous shopping I spent the evening on the sofa in varying levels of pain depending on whether I tried to move or not. Yesterday I took it very easy indeed and by the evening I was up and about again with only the occasional twinge.

Today we decided to go to Ikea and look for a new chest of drawers for the bedroom for me and see what their nursery furniture was like. We found some drawers and they have a very nice set of drawers with a changing table top that is actually at a decent height, even for Wookie to use. We didn’t buy anything today, we want to shop around a bit first, but it was nice to actually start making plans.

And finally…