Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kitty Answers - Last Girl, Scully and Paddy

So here's the last batch of answers to your questions...

Deni (Last Girl on Earth) starts this bunch with:
What is the GROSSEST thing you have in your fridge right now!

Sorry Deni, but a couple of days before you asked this, Wookiee had a clearout and I wasn’t present for the purging. I know he mentioned a couple of sauce bottles and jars of pickles that had use by dates of 2003 on them but we are pretty good at clearing out the faster persihing things before they get too bad. Although I do remember having to pour rotted cucumber soup (i.e. cucumber that had decomposed into a liquid) out of the crisper bucket one time *blearch!*

Scully then decided to really test me with:
1. What job did you want to be 'when you grew up' ie as a child!
2. If you could only own one of each of the following what would it be?
Book, film, chart, photo, piece of fabric, cd.

1. When I was very little I wanted to be a ballerina (how typical), but I quickly realised that nature had not gifted me with the correct bone structure for that. Discus thrower maybe but not ballerina. Once I discovered computers and computer graphics what I really really really wanted to do was be a graphics programmer for Industrial Light and Magic. Unfortunately these days computer graphics like that is more artistic and less programming ability and while I have the latter I am sadly lacking in the former.

2. If I could only own one of each then it would have to be…
Book: Gah, you’re evil, you know that right…. Urgh….. No… I can’t do it… You can’t make me…*sob*
Film: Excalibur
Chart: Well it would have to be something to last me a long time so, Chatelaines Egyptian Garden.
Photo: I’d take one of Wookiee cuddling with all the cats (this is a fantasy right?)
Piece of fabric: I’ll make this easy on myself and go for the large piece of Silkweaver Days Gone By that I have for the Chatelaine.
CD: Lord of the Rings Radio Play (Ok I’m cheating a little here)

And finally Paddy decided to test my powers of Googleage with:
How Long Does it take for light from the moon to reach the Earth ?

About 1.3 seconds according to the sites I found. Of course you have to remember that the light isn't actually emanating from the moon, it's simply being reflected.

All this means that I'm actually going to have to find something to write about tomorrow... anyone got any more questions?