Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kitty Answers - Indigo, Vics and Stef

Indigo Black wanted to know:
What is (or who is) your favourite crosstitch design(er)? I like mythical designs like Teresa Wentzler's.

I’ve been a fan of TW myself for many years although I’ve yet to complete any of her larger designs. I have several in my collection and two on the go, and I will finish them, eventually. The other two designers that feature heavily in my collection are MLI and Mirabilia. Most of the designs in my stash lea heavily towards the fantasy end of the range but then I have a few anomalies as well, such as the one I’m working on at the moment: Swirley Sampler by Bent Creek.

Vics then hit me with:
Hey gal, what do you think about all this Muslim cartoon crap? Do you agree that it's all a bit O.T.T or do you think they have a real point to make?

Ask me a tricky one why don’t you!

On the one hand I do think they have a point. It’s never right to poke fun at another’s beliefs and although I haven’t seen the cartoons I’ve read a few descriptions of them that make them out to be far more than poking fun. Therefore those people offended by the cartoons have a right to say so.

On the other hand I believe the response has been excessive and extreme, to the point of only confirming the beliefs of people who find the cartoons appropriate in the first place. Whatever happened to rising above these things and not lowering yourself to the level of the perpetrators?

Then Stef restored things back to the more usual fluffy level with:
If you was a sandwich filling what would you be and why?

Well it would have to be something fattening and bad for you, but full of weirdness. So that would be peanut butter (crunchy of course) and raspberry jam (jelly), which I do happen to love.

Stay tuned for the final batch of answers tomorrow.