Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mmmm, nummy.

Oh my, I feel like a hormonal 14 year old all over again. Why, I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you. It’s all Scully’s fault.

You see she went to a concert on Tuesday night and then went home and posted all about how fabulous it was, on one of the stitching BB’s that we both frequent. Well it happens to be a group that I had the serious droolies for back in the 80’s, and I’d been wavering about going to see them myself, but in the end decided not to. Well I read Scully’s post and 5 minutes later, I’d ordered my ticket.

So, whom did I go and see…

Wait for it…


No I’m not trying to keep you even more in suspense, that’s who I went to see you daft lot *hee*

When I was about 14, I had posters like this all over my bedroom walls. There was actually a sloping ceiling in part of the room and my bed was under it. Well I plastered that section of the ceiling with posters as well so I could lie in bed at night and gaze longingly up at them as I went to sleep. Ah, the dreams I had…

Oh, sorry. Ok I’m back now.

So the concert. It. Was. Amazing. Absolutely fantastic. They played loads of their tracks from the 80’s, with a few of their more recent ones thrown in, including three from the new album. But the older stuff, well they’d modernised them a little, but it didn’t spoil them one little bit. I’m quite hoarse now from all the singing along.

I did get a bit snivelly when they did Manhattan Skyline and Crying in the Rain. Both of those tracks get to me anyway and I’m a hopeless case if I try singing along to them. Of course, we all went totally bonkers when they did Take On Me, and they had us all singing the chorus to Living Daylights over and over at the end of their set. That was before the encore. I should have stopped singing at that point because it was making me cough, but I just couldn’t.

Also, considering I left it until 3 days before to buy my ticket, I got a fantastic seat, although it was all because I went on my own.

This is a rough plan of the layout of the Arena:

You see they weren’t using the whole arena. Anyway, that orangey blob in the middle at the back in block 9, see it, that was where I was sat. The row I was in is split by the roof of one of the tunnels that leads onto the main floor. Split in such a way as to leave a single solitary seat on the far side of the tunnel, practically in the middle at the back. Now that row was four rows from the front of the block. But that single solitary seat… Doesn’t. Have. Any. Seats. In. Front. I had a clear view all the way to the stage *drool*, and it wasn’t all that far away either. The big open space in front of me on the floor is where all the technicians were sat, but they didn’t block the view because I was about 8 feet above the arena floor. Which also meant that I didn't have to stand at all which, being decrepit old thing that I am, is a good thing.

You see it pays off in many ways if you don’t drag an unwilling Wookiee to a concert (as if. Wild horses wouldn’t have got him there, he despises most 80’s music) and just go on your own.