Sunday, December 11, 2005

Festive Search Terms

These two have caught my eye over the last couple of days and I just had to share:

Relationship between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dungeons and Dragons?
Yes ok, this isn't festive, hush now. As far as I know there isn’t one, unless someone has written a D&D system based on RHPS. Hmm, could be fun, just imagine the kind of stats you’d have to have, none of this Strength or Wisdom rubbish, have Sex Appeal and Frigidity instead. Of course you’d need to keep Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma, not sure about Intelligence. Then you’d need a whole new set of skills… the mind boggles. You could have character classes of Mad Scientist, Henchman, Party Goer, Innocent, Creation… ok, I’ll stop now.

The other seach was a little more topical…

What can I use to keep the cat away from christmas tree?
Well I’ve heard many suggestions for this over the years, from both cat lovers and cat haters. These are just a few, readers may wish to add their own solutions in the comments:

Give me a BB gun and I’ll keep the little *&$%ers away *evil grin* (This suggestion courtesy of Wookiee)

Pile satsumas around the base of the tree, cats don’t like citrus smells. Alternatively, spray around the tree with a solution of lemon juice and water.

Set up a perimeter of barbed wire. Not only does it keep the cats away but it keeps your kids out of the presents until christmas morning.

A Scat Mat

Alternatively you can take the following steps to avoid disaster and then just let them at the tree:

Fix a hook in the ceiling or wall near the top of the tree and tie the tree to it with a length of cord. Instant anti-topple device.

Use wire twist-ties to hang your decorations on the tree, even your tinsel and lights, twist them tight so things can’t be pulled off. This also works well against kids when used in conjunction with the anti-topple suggestion, so that they don’t just pull the whole tree over.

Don’t use that loose tinsel stuff, lurex or whatever it’s called. If your cat eats it, it could get wrapped around their intestines, and that’s a nice big vets bill, if it doesn’t actually do for your poor puss.

Ask friends not to give you gifts that include a catnip filled toy for the cat. One of my cousins did this last year and I had to put the present away until christmas day, because while it was under the tree my cats would not leave it alone. Of course I had no idea why, until I opened it.

Oh and one last thing. I’ve been getting a lot of hits from Google Images for one particular picture that I posted from my travels to Scotland earlier this year, can you guess which one. Yes, it’s this one (Note: NOT work/small person friendly)