Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Tenant

I have a new renter. Say hi to Ribbiticus of Pond Perspective.

Her post for today is ten things you could say when you get a gift that's not really you, and it certainly made me laugh. Digging a bit further I found a post about good responses to chat up lines when you want rid of the chatter-upper. That one made me laugh even more.

She says of herself that:

I like to sing (in the car, the loo, anywhere!), dance (more like traipse around), laugh uproariously, read voraciously, watch movies, take great delight in the company of friends

Sounds a lot like me actually. Although I don't do the singing so much now, it upsets the Wookiee's delicate sensibilities. So hop (ha!) over to my sidebar, clicky the linky, and tell her I sent you.

(No links in the post this time, go click on the link over there, it gets recorded then, so we know how many people visited.)