Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Home again (now with extra drama)

Well I’m back. Have been since Saturday late pm in fact, and you can all look forward (or not) to more tales of Toronto, the surrounding area, and my day at CSNF meeting famous people and squealing like a little girl.

However not today, because since we got back things have been just a touch chaotic, which is the reason I haven’t posted sooner.

You see we got back home about 4am on Sunday. At 2:30 we had our new dryer delivered (ordered before we went away) and then I went to collect Azrael and Smurf from the kennels.

That night I couldn’t sleep (thank you jetlag) but since Wookiee was snoring merrily away (and he had to be in work in the morning and I didn’t) I decided to get up and read downstairs until I could sleep. 7:30am Wookiee wanders into the living room looking ready to start a Monday back at work (i.e. NOT) and I finally wander off to bed for some kip.

9:30am I’m rudely awoke by someone pounding on the front door. By the time I get down there, they’ve gone, but there’s a pile of mail on the doorstep so I assume it was the postman. Ten minutes later as I’m about to head back to bed again the phone rings, and I very nearly didn’t answer it, because you KNOW it’s just a telesales call.

Well this time it wasn’t. It was a woman from the RSPCA telling me that she’s got Azrael in her van, he’s been hit by a car, and can I get him to the vets myself.

Yes the dozy little prat had been jaywalking in the early morning THICK FOG and decided to try and stop a car with his face. I can be flippant about it now because as I type he’s very much on the mend, and being doted on and cooed over by the nurses at the vets. However Monday morning he was a mess and I was worried I was going to lose him.

So on 1.5 hrs of sleep I did a mad (but gentle) drive through town to get him to the vets and they whipped him in and onto the table for a check over. After pronouncing his heart rate and colour to be ‘good’ he was whisked away to the back room to be put on a drip, painkillers and antibiotics to try and stabilise him so he could be x-rayed. I went home snivelling.

I got a call an hour later saying he was responding well but they weren’t going to x-ray him until the following morning because he wasn’t really strong enough to be put out. Another call that evening told me he was stronger still and they would definitely be taking piccies of his innards the next morning and then operating.

I got very little sleep that night because every time I shut my eyes all I could see was his little face with a very obviously broken jaw and blood all over. I finally managed some at about 4am and then woke to go to work at 7am, at which point I decided I was in no fit state to drive and called in to take another day’s holiday.

Lunchtime I got a call to say they’d taken the x-rays, put him back together again and he was recovering, but I missed the call because I was asleep again (they left a message). Then at about 4pm I got the call with all the details.

The final tally of damage was one broken jaw, now wired back together and nicely aligned (it split up the middle), one dislocated hip, popped back in and one the mend, an array of bruises and a skinned chin.

I got to visit him last night and all he wanted to do was cuddle and snuggle, and according to the nurses he’d been like that since he’d come round from the op. He looked far more like his normal self (if a bit dopey) and I was finally able to relax and know that he was coming home. Not until tomorrow night and only to go straight into his cage (never to be let out again, ok not really) because he’s not to be jumping about until his hip has had chance to heal.

My other three have been a bit sulky because I shut them all in the house on Monday and didn’t let them out again until this morning. Irrational I know but the thought of something else happening to one of them made me keep them in with me. Plus I wanted lots of snuggles from them.

So the last couple of days have been more than crap, but at least my baby is ok and on the mend.