Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Holidays - The story so far...

Hi guys, I'm in Canada!

Managed to find a reasonably cheap internet cafe, right next to a laundry, so I'm surfing while Wookie's socks wash *grin*

So. We got here last Thursday evening. Managed to pick up the car and make it to the hotel before collapsing into bed and sleeping like the dead for several hours.

Friday we decided to jump straight in and headed downtown on the subway. We actually walked to the subway station because it didn't look that far on the map, heh, I won't make that mistake again. Then we got off in the city centre and walked, and walked, and shopped and then walked some more. Even though I've been here a couple of times before I'd still forgotten just how far everything is.

Saturday I headed over to Gitta's Petit Point in Mississauga to do some stitchy shopping and take the dying class with Mindy (of Sugar Maple Fabrics) which was the reason for the Canadian holiday destination in the first place.

Well Mindy is a total nut, great fun and just a teensy bit hyperactive, but a really lovely lady. She showed us how to dye fabrics and then we all got to dye some threads (not enough room for all of us to do the fabrics), so I learned how to do hand dyed fabrics and threads! I actually managed to get away without spending my entire holiday allowance.

Sunday and Monday we spent exploring Toronto and doing yet more shopping for clothes and DVD's and books.

Tuesday we headed off to Niagra Falls for three nights. When we got there the main falls were almost completely obscured by spray but the American falls were looking better than I've ever seen them. That night we decided to eat in the Skylon Tower buffet (not the revolving restaurant) and were given a table with a view of the American Falls. At around 9:30 we were treated to the most amazing fireworks display, although no one seemed to know why there was one. I've never seen fireworks from above before! Wookie managed to film it with his camera so I may get to post some of it when we get home.

Wednesday we spent the whole day at Marineland. Wookie went on the roller coaster 10 times and on the Sky Screamer 10 times. I went on the roller coaster once and then sat and watched the sealions and dolphins and the walrus in the show. We fed the deer and the bears and got to pet the killer whales and beluga.

Thursday we headed to Niagara by the lake and sat on the lakeshore for a while. Then we drove around the wine route before heading back up the river to the falls. That night we spent in the casino, losing money *poo*

That brings me up to today. We're back in Toronto now, just waiting for the laundry to dry before heading off to the hotel.

I have lots of photo's but those will have to wait until I get home.