Friday, October 21, 2005

Holiday report part 2 and Azrael progress report

Ok, so we were back in Toronto and it was Friday night IIRC. The laundry was done and off we went to the next hotel (don’t ask me where, I can’t remember)

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and clear, and cooler than it had been so far so we decided that that was the day to ‘do’ the CN Tower. Oopsy.

Not being Canadian, we’d completely forgotten that Monday was Thanksgiving making it a holiday weekend. So we headed to the CN Tower… along with half the country.

Thankfully (ha!) we only had to queue for an hour to get up the tower, and then a further 20 minutes to get up to the Skypod at the top, and it was well worth the wait. I’ve been up the tower before but it was a hazy day then, and you couldn’t see all that far. No so this time. You could clearly see t’other side of the lake and we both swore we could see the Skylon Tower at Niagara (as you are supposed to be able to from up there). Of course it could have been some other murky blob on the horizon, but I say it was the tower, so it was the tower *grin*

We must have spent a good hour just up there before getting back in the lift to go down to the observation deck again. For some weird reason the glass floor didn’t freak me out at all this time (I wouldn’t go near it last time) and I quite happily tootled about on it while Wookiee did his ‘thang’ with the camera. By the time we were about done it was getting towards 6pm and I decided I wanted to see the sunset from up there, but it was going to be about another hour before that happened, and the only places to sit were in the café. So we had some food and drinks and chilled until the sun started to dip towards the horizon. Then we joined the press of other people at the windows on the west side of the tower for the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. We do have pictures but I need to beat Wookiee up for them before I can post them.

Tomorrow… Canada’s Wonderland, rollercoaster madness!

Azrael Update

I’ve visited him twice at the vets and the second time the vet came to speak to me while I was there. She told me that she’s never ever seen a cat recover from these kind of injuries so fast before. He’s also been being his most adorable and cute self and has completely charmed the nurses and the vet. So much so that when I left on weds night I heard the nurse tell him that she’d bring him in a bit of tuna the next day. Spoiled!

He was supposed to come home last night but I had a call to say he’d been having some difficulties eating, pawing at his mouth and getting upset, so they wanted to keep him in another night and if he wasn’t better this morning they would knock him out again and have another look at his mouth and jaw. Well I got another call this morning to say he’d been fine ever since. They think the hinge of his jaw may have been injured as well, but even if it has there’s nothing they can do about it. So he gets to some home tonight *YAY!*

I’ve got to rush home and get the cage ready for him. The blankets and bedding have all been freshly washed and Wookiee bought him a new litter tray yesterday, a nice shallow one, as the one that normally goes in the cage is a covered one and is very deep, so would be awkward for him to get in and out of with his poorly hip. Then it’s off out again to bring my baby home *happy sniffles*

There’s going to be lots of check-ups over the next few weeks, and he’ll be going to stay with them again for a weekend in a few weeks because I’m going away for a couple of nights. I won’t be able to leave him with the others, but of course the kennels won’t have him, and honestly in his condition he’ll be better off being at the vets, just in case.

Oh and of course he’s never going out again. Ever. Ever.