Thursday, August 11, 2005

I just don't get it

I think I have a few male readers, so maybe one of you can explain this to me...

I am currently undergoing investigations for infertility. Although it looks very much like it's all my fault, my GP wants Wookiee to have a sperm test. A very simple little thing you might think, certainly nothing compared to the extended humiliation and torture that I have had to go through, and the various further indignities that I will likely have to go through in trying to 'fix' me.


Several weeks ago, I informed him that he would need to make an appointment to see his GP to get it arranged. About a week later I asked him if he'd done it and was told that, no he hadn't, because he didn't want to call the doc's from work, there's no privacy, dammit woman do you want me to be talking about sperm tests on the phone in the middle of an open plan office where the entire room will go silent just as I utter the words SPERM TEST, where there will be a pause followed by a collective gasp before everyone picks up their phone to call their gossip buddy to tell them that OMG Wookiee is going for a SPERM TEST!!!! Oh and stop nagging me woman.

That was the first time I mentioned it after the initial informing him session. I suggested that it wasn't necessary for him to actually tell the GP's secretary why he wanted the appointment, but apparently they always ask and it's quite beyond him to simply say that he'd prefer no to say at this time.

Since then, I've mentioned it to him occasionally, maybe once every 3-4 days. I cut him some slack for a couple of weeks, as he had to go away on business for a week. But now every time I so much as hint that he needs to get this sorted I just get the 'wah wah, not listening, see I have my fingers in my ears, la de dah, la la la' response more appropriate to a 3 year old than a grown man.

I have tried explaining to him that I'm quite twitchy about this stage because this is as far as I got with my ex. He vacillated for about four months before announcing that he was no longer sure he even wanted kids anymore. 6 months after that he wanted a divorce. So, for my peace of mind I'd like to get this bit over and done with, for him to show his commitment to the project as it were. But still he avoids doing it.

Based on past experience with other matters, if I just leave him be for a couple of weeks and hope he gets it sorted, I know damn well he'll forget about it and it won't get done.

So, can you, my beloved readers, both female and male, shed any light at all on why this is so damn hard for a man to do. After all it's not as if most men, and by most I mean all those past puberty, don't have themselves a date with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters once in a while, it's not like you don't know what to do.