Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mum's the word

You (my wonderful readers) may have noticed that I have several so-called 'Mommy Blogs' in my blogroll. Although not a mother myself (yet), I do enjoy reading the tales these mothers write about their little (and not-so-little) ones.

Most of these are 'popular' ones, such as Dooce, who cracks me up on a regular basis, or Finslippy, who is no less hilarious but is much sneakier about it.

There's the everyday is a new wonder ones, such as Kiwords, who's three boys give her plenty of material, and there's the Single-mom-with-mind-blowingly-crap-ex-who-likes-knitting ones (ok so I only have one of those) like Snowball.

I found another one a few weeks ago (can't remember how). She only joined the blogging ranks in June this year and she's a fellow brit. She writes about mommying (that should be mummying really) and life in general. At the moment she and her family are trying to move house and falling foul of all the wonders that comprise The British Housing Market. She's articulate and amusing so why not pop over and say hi to Good Enough Mum today.

Edited to add...

And then you absolutely have to go and read this. Trust me. Don't be drinking anything though.