Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There ‘aint nobody here but us chickens

I’m feeling a touch uninspired at the moment. Suffering from a case of the blahs, I think. The first flush of excitement about finally getting somewhere with a diagnosis for my reproductive problems has faded and now I’m in a holding pattern, which I hate.

My stitching is puttering along, but I’m not making any great progress with it. I picked up Celtic Winter again last night and put a few stitches in it, but then it was time for bed. I finished the other Mystery piece I was working on, but I can’t post a picture here yet. I did managed to figure out what threads and colours I want to use to stitch the M Designs Alphabet Afghan with only to discover that Miss Vikki has stopped doing the colours I want in the threads I want. She does have some back stock, but is missing 5 of the colours and I need all of them. So I had to do a rethink and some more test stitching with different types of threads (I’m still determined on the colours), after which I fired off another email to her last night.

I have been making jewellery again. I was determined to make some pieces this weekend. I had promised some to a couple of people months ago and was keenly feeling the guilt of not having got them sorted. So I made up the pieces I needed to and then made up a couple more to sell. Last night I did another piece and I’m going to try and make at least one piece a day for the foreseeable future. You see I’m nearing the holy grail of a 20 rating on Ebay at which point I can open up my shop, I only need 2 more, so I’d best have something to put in it hadn’t I.

Smurf is slowly getting better. She’s still in solitary for the time being as she’s still sneezing a lot, but her temperature is back to normal, so hopefully she’ll be right in a couple more days. On the other hand poor Pixel was getting worse over the weekend, not sneezing much, but his eyes were watering and his temp hit 39C on Sunday evening (this is high for a cat) so we were back at the vets last night. She gave him an antibiotic shot and some eye drops and was going to give me a prescription for some tablets for him. At this point I explained that trying to give Pixel tablets was a lot like this and asked her if there was an alternative. She said there were drops I could give him, or I could just bring him back again in a couple of days for another shot. So we’ll be back there again tomorrow.