Friday, July 22, 2005

Poorly kitties

The Kitty household is a snuffly place to be at the moment. Well the furbabies are snuffly, me I had the back pain yesterday. Today I’m much better and am thusly back at my desk working hard *smirk* but the furbabies are still snuffly.

It all started a few days ago when my littlest baby, Smurf, started sneezing, a lot. I gave her a couple of days grace wondering if it was dust, or grass seed, or pollen (the grass in my garden is bust height at the moment and covered in seed heads), but after 3 days of the sneezing getting worse and then the old man, Pixel, joining in I decided it was time to drag them to the vets.

After a quick check up, during which he did his damndest to look and act as healthy as possible, Pixel was given the all clear with a warning to keep an eye on him just in case. Then it was Smurfs turn. Of course despite sneezing, on average, once a minute for the last 24hrs, she hadn’t so much as twitched since we’d sat down in the waiting room. Fortunately she let rip with a table-skidder* about a minute into her check up so the vet knew I wasn’t making it up.

Apparently she’s in the viral stages of flu (and yes, they’re all vaccinated), which means it’s more like a cold at the moment. She’s been dosed up with antibiotics and I have tablets to feed her for the next week, which won’t cure her, but will hopefully stop it developing into full-blown killer cat flu.

Of course she has to be kept away from the others, so she’s now in solitary in the cage 24/7 until she gets better.

This morning when I went to feed her her first pill she was really snuggly, but she now sounds like her nose is blocked and is actually snuffling as well as sneezing. Oh and the sneezes, yeesh, I have to wash my hands all the way up to my shoulders after I’ve been cuddling her, before I pick up one of the others.

She’s got to go back next week for a check up and we’ll be there like a shot if she gets a lot worse, but hopefully she’ll be back terrorising the local wildlife in a few days.

In other news, I had the second blood sample taken on Wednesday so now I just have to wait for the call to go in for another consult to find out the results and hopefully what the recommended treatment is. Oh, and of course I still have to bully gently coax Wookee into seeing his GP for his test.

*Table-skidder: a sneeze so powerful that small cat is propelled backwards across the slippery table by the force of it.